Volunteering at LSG

Our team is often enriched by the help of regular volunteers.

We are lucky to receive many volunteering offers, and we are massively grateful for all the interest.


If you would like to help us
on Thursdays and/or Fridays, 
please send us an email
with some information about yourself

We will consider anybody who is interested in coming to help us on a regular basis.
You will get involved with harvesting, packing, feeding, watering and lots more.

We value immensely the energy, time, experience and great company 
that our volunteers have shared and continue to share very generously with us. 

For this reason, we happily dedicate our energy to answering their questions and showing them all the aspects of what we do, in detail. 

We strive to give our volunteers a deep insight into how to manage a highly-productive vegetable garden, using cutting edge techniques either for home or commercial production.