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We get often asked where did we learn how to grow veg and to work with our soil.
The only real answer to this question is:
by watching other inspiring people do it and then trying things out ourselves.
But who are those inspiring people? Where and how can you find out more about them?

Here you can find a list of books, Youtube channels

and other resources that have inspired, taught and guided us.

Click on the topics below to see the full lists.

Vegetable growing


Organic Gardening:
the no-dig way

Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is a necessary and invaluable source of information for all UK growers. This book is full of tips, timings, spacings, and UK-specific advice on each vegetable.


Oriental vegetables: 
the complete guide for the gardening cook

Joy Larkcom

This is a book we love because we can't imagine a garden (and a diet!) without Asian vegetables and herbs.


The hoophouse & greenhouse grower's handbook

Andrew Mefferd

A detailed reference for greenhouse and polytunnel intensive cropping. Quite specialist but full of useful information that is applicable in a domestic polytunnel.


Salad leaves

for all seasons

Charles Dowding

All you need to know in order to grow tasty, colourful, rich salads year-round in the British climate. 


How to grow
Perennial vegetables

Martin Crawford

This is a great resource to learn a range of perennial and less common vegetables that you can incorporate into borders, forest gardens or vegetable beds.

Soil & Plant Science


Life in the Soil

James B. Nardi

A beautifully illustrated and pleasantly readable book on all the creatures that populate the soil.


Teaming with Microbes

Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis

A simple, practical guide that explains what the soil food web is and how to make work it work with you in your garden.


The nature and properties of Soils

Ray R. Weil, Nyle C. Brady

A bible. In-depth, well-illustrated handbook on all things soil science. This is a technical textbook, very useful as a reference for the scientifically minded garden.


The hidden half of Nature

David R. Montgomery, Anne Biklé

Narrated like a story, this book guides the reader through the discovery that soil health and human health are linked to the diversity and functioning of microbial organisms and communities. 

Mycelium Running

Paul Stamets

Well-written, well-illustrated, and with many references for further reading, it introduces concepts of fungi as life-saving medicines, forestry protection (myco-forestry) and land reclamation (myco-remediation), it really gets you up out of your chair and experimenting at home or in your garden.

Market Gardening

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