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Veg Box (Traditional)

Veg Box (Traditional)


Options depend on seasonality and availability. A typical box includes a selection of produce from the garden, for a value of 15-16 £. It contains 8 items:

- Potatoes (1kg)

- Carrots or Parsnips

- Synergy Salad mix bag or Lettuce Head

- Onions, Salad Onions or Spring Onions

- Cooking leaves (Kale, Chard, Spinach, Spring greens, etc.)

- 1 bunch of either Radish, Beetroots or Turnips

- Either Cucumber, Courgettes, Beans (French, Broad or Runner) or Peas

- (summer only) Tomatoes, Peppers or Sweetcorn

- (autmn-winter) Cabbage or Winter Squash



Price Options
One-time purchase
4 weeks
£14.00weekly/ 4 weeks
Weekly subscription
£13.30weekly/ auto-renew
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Living Soil Garden
Goffin Land, Church Hill
Exeter, EX4 9JL
Tel: 07873921397

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