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Veg Box (Small)

Veg Box (Small)


Options depend on seasonality and availability. A typical box includes a selection of produce from the garden, for a value of 13-15 £. It contains

- our Synergy Salad mix bag

- 1 bunch of either Salad or Spring Onions

- 1 bunch or bag of cooking greens: Spinach, Chard, Kale, etc.

- 1 bag of either French Beans, Peas or Runner Beans

- 1 bunch of roots: Radish, Salad Turnips, Beetroot, Carrots

- 1-2 portions of Summer Vegetables (Cucumber, Courgette, Tomatoes)

- One extra surprise item!


You can now choose whether you would like us to wash your root vegetables or not. Most vegetables keep much better texture flavour if they are stored unwashed (either in or outside of the fridge) and washed only before cooking or eating them.

Price Options
One-time purchase
4 weeks
£12.00weekly/ 4 weeks
Weekly subscription
£11.40weekly/ auto-renew
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Living Soil Garden
Goffin Land, Church Hill
Exeter, EX4 9JL
Tel: 07873921397

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