Korean Natural Farming

During the last month, I have been immersing myself in the study of Korean Natural Farming. KNF was developed in the 1960s starting from a re-elaboration of ancient Japanese techniques.

The fundamental insight of KNF is to strengthen the biological functions of every aspect of plant growth to increase productivity and nutrition. The result are healthy plants and a thriving soil food web that eliminates the need for chemical interventions, whether to protect against predation and competition with other plants.

Another key idea of KNF is that all the preparations and biostimulants produced can be made from indigeneous material found on the farm itself. Animal manures and other waste products are avoided altogether and this reduce the occurrence of pathogens and the excess of nutrients that would attract insects and unbalance plant health.

I like to think of the different preparations used in KNF in terms of the following analogy. In our vegetable patch, we want to introduce plants to the landowners (Indigenous Micro-Organisms or IMO), add the skilled workforce (Lactic Acid Bacteria or LAB), give them a regular and natural immunity booster or tonic (Herbal Nutrient or OHN), food that stimulates healthy hormones (Fermented Plant Juice or FPJ), a few tough experiences to strengthen them (Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV) and then obviously lots of protein- and carbohydrate-rich food (Fish Amino Acid, FAA).

You might have already seen us prepare FAA and LAB in previous posts, so I will focus on some of the other preparations to give an idea of we are talking about.

One of the key preparations of KNF is IMO (Indigenous Micro-Organisms), which can be thought of as the landowners - m